RACO LM Series Linear Drives

Electric actuator
The RACO LM Series Linear Modules/Drives are robust and lightweight positioning actuators. They are engineered to be easily configured into many multi axis linear motion control applications. The configurations include single axis driven-idlers paralleled, and linked to single axis (length-height, XY) and (length-height and width XYZ) systems. The RACO LM Series linear drives/modules are engineered to produce carriage speeds of up to 200 inches per second, and single modules can support load capacities of up to 800 lbs. The stroke length range of approximately 20 feet with a single extrusion is possible using the the RACO LM Series linear drives/modules.

RACO LM Series Linear Drive Advantages Include:

  • - T-Slots & fasteners
  • - Drive station selection
  • - Inductive Mechanical switches
  • - Strong steel reinforced belt design
  • - Steel reinforced AT belt & pulleys machined to be 0° backlash
  • - Precision extruded 6063 alloy
  • - Machined shock absorbing elastomer tires & ball bearing wheels
  • - External adjustment of belt & wheels
  • - Belt seal & sealed pulley bearings
  • - Axial load force capacity of up to 400 lbs.
  • - Repeatability of 0.003 one thousandths of an inch
  • - Operation in harsh environments

Shielded Ball Bearings

The carriage of the RACO LM Linear Drive glides along ball bearings shieled by a shock absorbing elastomer tires. This feature allows for extraordinary high speed operation and extremely reduces noise levels.

X-Y-Z system built from RACO LM linear drive modules

Raco Multi Axis XYZ

Using RACO's pre-engineered LM linear drive modules allow for easy custom design builds, and also makes the build process of very complex multi-axis motion control applications simple.