PBC Linear

PBC Linear

PBC Linear, formerly known as Pacific Bearing Company, is a worldwide distributor and manufacturer of quality linear actuators, linear bearings, linear slides, roller bearings, linear guide rails, v-guide bearings and custom linear motion technologies. With innovative solutions, PBC Linear is quick to bring products to market, as well as being a dependable supplier for OEM’s and meeting industrial manufacturing requirements for many industries and associated clients.


PBC Linear SIMO® Series Linear Motion Platform is a jaw droppingly affordable motion control rail system! The  SIMO® Series Linear Motion Platform’s multifaceted options allows for a legion of applications to meet client predefined requirements using a single platform. Design engineers will enjoy the flexibility of the SIMO® Series as this platform has so many geometric reciprocating options at their disposal. The low profile rail heights option is a huge benefit when working within tight spacial requirements, and the option of taller heights makes for greater structural integrity. The SIMO or Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation has 6 times less bow, 2 times less twist, and 2 times improved flatness. When all is said and done, you have a base rail that is machined to precision at extruded aluminum prices. The SIMO platform can optionally come with self lubricating FrelonGOLD® plain bearings for harsh industrial environments, V-wheel roller bearings for high speed systems, or profile rail linear guides-ways equipped with recirculating ball bearings when precision is the main objective.

PBC Linear Simplicity Plus RST

PBC Linear Round Shaft Technology employs precision round shafting as the guide. Our Simplicity® linear ball bearings are provided for necessary movement. While the shafting is regularly hardened steel, stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum are also available in standard industry sizes.PBC Linear Round Shaft Technology uses Simplicity® 60 Plus® precision round shafts as its guide-way, and the options of Simplicity® plain linear, or ball type bearings are used for movement. Shaft option are hardened steel, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum. The shaft options are available in standard industry sizes. The bearing options are available is vast array of configurations allowing an engineer to match the bearing configuration to the application. Moving heavy loads require support rails for the coupling of round shafting and open bearings. This combination adds the needed structural integrity to do the job. For a multitude of mounting options, flanged bearings and pillow blocks are available.

PBC Linear CRT

PBC Linear Cam Roller Technology uses PBC Linear’s precision linear straight rails with a vast selection of different sliders, and rails that provide precision accuracy, in high speed applications at an affordable price. Cam or track rollers; the bearing roller elements are available with integral stud or inseparable inner ring for yoke mounting. These options can be mounted on a pin or shaft configuration. PBC Linear Cam Roller Technology has a key role and is well suited for material handling, and automation industry applications. PBC Linear also provides solutions for heavy load transfer via Cam Roller Technology. This is made possible and available using low profile, high load configurations. Telescopic systems, modular components and linear guides are all available in numerous configurations.

PBC Linear IVT

PBC Linear Integral-V© Technology (IVT) utilises an aluminum structural frame, that is integrated with V-races, This complete system can be built with or without the structure framework support. Raceways are made of high quality hardened steel. The raceways are embedded directly into the Integral-V rail, thus eliminating the need for any type of fastening.  In conjunction with the Integrated rail system PBC Linear’s SIMO® process is used to machine for precision and accuracy. This process aligns mounting points accurately, and ensures critical alignment on all sides. The IVT carriages glide along the rail with smooth, and quite rolling accuracy. The IVT is a solution for medium duty material handling in extended length applications, and machine tools.

PBC Linear GST

PBC Linear Gliding Surface Technology uses simple bearing design and dual configuration consisting of a rail and carriage. Gliding Surface Technology also uses a self-lubricating surface reducing maintenance. Gliding Surface Technology is a space saver using low profiles, and compact sizes. With it’s self lubricating properties, you can expect a smooth, and quiet linear motion. Gliding Surface Technology offers the engineer an unlimited amount options, configurations, and product capabilities. PBC Linear engineered Gliding Surface Technology to operate in less than ideal environments while offering the addition of many advantages.

PBC Linear PRT

PBC Linear Profile Rail Technology provides ball type linear guides using the Chieftek-Precision, Inc. high performance ball-type linear guide. This is ideal for high speed transfer and handling applications that offer both high accuracy and rigid structural integrity. These ball-type linear guides provide repeatable linear motion with an extended performance life. Long life for the Profile Rail Linear Guides are provide by high quality stainless steel reinforced end plates, internal eco-lubrication system and dust proof design. The Profile Rail Linear Guides perform accordingly in repeated linear motion applications. Engineered with 45° contact angle these linear guides attain an equilibrium in load balance with forces applied from all directions. This is a crucial component in high load capacities, system stability. With multiple precision options, and  a wide selection of sizes to meet customer application requirements, the Profile Rails are the perfect choice for your application.

PBC Linear LAT

PBC Linear – Linear Actuators Technology, is a new compact series linear guide system. Engineered to provide accurate, smooth and repeatable linear motion in tight spaces, this system has an amazingly low profile of 23 mm of standard system height. This makes the PBC Linear Compact Series the perfect solution for applications such as lab and medical automation, dispensing robotics, automated delivery systems and electronic board manufacturing.

PBC Linear DOD

PBC Linear aggressively engineers game-changing linear motion solutions to provide our customers with streamlining capabilities, improved application performance and innovation for a competitive advantage in the market. Our best-in-class components and complete concept-to-creation systems help you deliver success.

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