RCS & Associates Represents, Daido Coporation of America - Line of Industrial ANSI Standard, Metric, and Specialty Chains.

Daido Coporation of America - Line of Industrial ANSI Standard, Metric, and Specialty Chains.

Daido Coporation of America - Line of Industrial ANSI Standard, Metric, and Specialty Chains.

World class, state of the art technology and internationally known design and manufacturing of precision roller chain products.

For world class, state of the art technology and internationally known design and manufacturing in precision roller chain products, Daido Corporation offers a comprehensive selection of Standard Drive Chains, revolutionary D.I. D. Tech Chain Series and an assortment of Specialty and Standard Conveyor Chains. Daido Corporation also provides the Murtfeldt Chain Belt Tensioner and Guides for system reliability and pre-tensioning requirements to keep tension correct for extended years of use and stability.
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Daido Corporation of America - ANSI Standard Chain

Daido Corporation of America - ANSI Standard Chain
XT Power Link:

The Extra Strength Connecting Link provides:

Up to 65 percent greater fatigue strength than standard loose fit connecting links

Using the D.I.D. XT Power Link gives you 27 percent higher horsepower

The CBP (Compression Beveling Process) excludes all weakness in the connecting link plate

You will not pay extra to get the D.I.D. XT Power Link

ANSI Standard chain XT Power Link Sizing

The D.I.D. standard roller chains are available in the below listed 14 sizes. These range from RC25 to RC240. All of these products conform with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and ANSI (American National Standard Institute) requirements:

RC25 - RC35 - RC40

RC41 - RC50 - RC60

RC80 - RC100 - RC120

RC140 - RC160 - RC180

RC200 - RC240

Daido Corporation of America - Driven to Solutions

Daido - Ultimate Power Series Tech Chains!
Daido D.I.D. Tech Roller Chain

Daido D.I.D. Tech Roller Chains are designed for arduous drive train applications. Let's Get into the new TECH! from Daido!
We always get excited when our principals start mentioning the (T) word. The four New Tech Chains by Daido Corporation of America, provide exceptional solutions and here they are:

D.I.D Ultimate Power Chain Series are used for operations that require more strength, fatigue endurance and shock load

D.I.D Ultimate Life Chain Series are applicable for systems that are exposed to contaminants or lubricant deficiency.

D.I.D Environment Resistant Chains are specifically used in operations exposed to extreme environmental changes.

D.I.D Low Noise Chain Series provides for a more worker friendly environment in chain conveyor and drive applications where noise reduction is calming.

Daido Corporation of America - Ultimate Power Series

Daido Corporation of America - Ultimate Power Series
HI*PWR KS Series Roller Chain

The KS type Roller Chains are enhanced for shock and fatigue strength and durability by preserving the dimension in the pin length direction of standard roller chains. The Plates are enlarged and provide for improved assembly and machining accuracy of components. The roller chains embrace high transmission efficiency for low to high speed applications and are formidable enough to withstand long-term use.

The HK type Roller Chains comply with ANSI for the H type chain. Their inner and outer plates are equal in thickness to those of the next larger size of standard roller chains. Consequently, the tensile strength is greater by approximately 20 percent and the maximum allowable load is higher by about 15 percent compared to D.I.D ANSI standard roller chains. Because of this the weight of the chain is also higher, so high speed performance declines. Therefore the HK type roller chains are more applicable for heavy duty operations at a lower speed.

HI*PWR HKS Series Roller Chain

The DID HKS series Roller Chain uses thicker link plates than the KS type roller chain. This provides a higher tensile strength and the maximum load safely permitted in general application chains. Therefore this roller chain is appropriate for low speed heavy duty transmission.

The HKS roller chains are 50 percent higher in maximum allowable load and 20 percent higher in tensile strength than the standard roller chain, but since they also weigh more, high speed performance is lower. This roller chain is suitable for heavy duty applications at low speed.

Daido Corporation of America - Ultimate Life Chain Series

Daido Corporation of America - Ultimate Life Chain Series
Ultimate Life Chain:

Solid Bushing Chain (T, D)

Sintered Bushing Roller Chain (UR, URF)

O-Ring Chain (LLDR, LDR)

DHA Chain

Daido Corporation of America - Environment Resistant Roller Chain

Daido Environment Resistant Roller Chain!
Daido Industrial Harsh Environment Roller Chain

Daido's "T" AND "D" Series Roller Chains are manufactured using a cold forged bushing. They are lubricated with Daido’s patented V-Grease. Daido’s lubricant prolongs the chains wear life up to 4 times longer than traditional ANSI standard roller chains.

The patented V-Grease adheres to the chain in extreme revolution applications and resists being washed away in outside usage. Daido's D & T Series chain is one of the lowest cost improvements available for your roller chain requirements.

Rust-less Chain (N)

Solid Bushing Chain (T, D)

Hi-Guard Chain (E)

Next to the stainless steel chain, the Hi-Guard Chain is second in corrosion resistance performance. A special baking process produces a luster-less white protective film on the surface of the chain. The Hi-Guard chain has excellent rust and galvanic corrosion resistance. Because the film is heat-resistant up to 482 0F, it protects the chain in extremely high temperatures. This chain has a marginally lower tensile strength than the standard chain, but provides the corresponding equivalency in maximum allowable load and wear resistance. The stainless steel chain is lower in strength and wear resistance, so for this reason, when necessary corrosion resistance is mandatory without sacrificing strength, the Hi-Guard chain is your solution. Since the Hi-Guard film works as a sacrificial bond for the base chain, ample corrosion resistance can be expected even if the film peels.

Double Guard Chain (WE)

The Double Guard Chain (WE) has D.I.D.'s unique application of two different coatings processed before assembly on the ANSI standard chain. It attains roughly two times more anti-corrosion performance than a Hi-Guard Chain in a salt water spray test. This chain also resists light alkali and tolerates an acidic atmosphere. This is why it is considered the best alternative to the Stainless Steel Chain. The strength is the same as the Hi-Guard Chain.

Low Temperature Chain (TK)

TK chain is unlikely to suffer from low temperature brittleness compared to the standard roller chain which becomes brittle at low temperatures and must be used in temperatures higher than 14°F. The TK chain can survive temperatures as low as 40°F by appropriately calibrating the maximum allowable load. The lubricating oil applied on the chain is a unique low temperature oil.

Stainless Steel Chain (SS, SSK, SSLT)

DID Stainless Steel chain is available in two types. The SS chain with all of the components made of austenitic steel (SUS304, 18-8 stainless steel), containing a higher chromium and lower carbon content, minimizes chromium carbide precipitation. It is corrosion and heat resistant and ideal for use in chemical plants, food processing, water treatment machines and more. But note, its tensile strength is less than 70 percent that of a standard roller chain so consider this factor when selecting the chain you need for your application.

The SSK chain is provided with bushings, pins and rollers that are made of quench-hardened stainless steel (SUS631) that are cold rolled and precipitation hardened ensuring corrosion resistance. This allows for 1.5 times higher maximum load than the SS chain. Their plates are made of austenitic stainless steel (SUS304).

The Stainless Steel X-Ring chain (SSLT) uses a chemical resistant X-Ring that is an FDA/USDA approved lubricant providing for up to 10 times longer wear life.

Daido Corporation of America - Low Noise Chains

F Series – Offset/Helical – Food/Beverage
Super Low Noise Chain (SLN)

The demand for lower equipment noise in the working environment is growing significantly. The D.I.D. Low Noise Chain meets this demand by providing a silencing effect in various industries such as printing, engineering, parking and various conveyors, packaging and more.

A "two piece roller structure" achieves a significant noise reduction effect. Equipped with a special elastomer to achieve the silencing effect, when the chain is engaged with a sprocket, the audible shock reduction by the elastic deformation of rollers achieves up to 10DB in reduced noise. The sliding noise between the rails and the rollers when used for conveying is also reduced. Available sizes are RC40SLN to 80SLN.

The HKS roller chains are 50 percent higher in maximum allowable load and 20 percent higher in tensile strength than the standard roller chain, but since they also weigh more, high speed performance is lower. This roller chain is suitable for heavy duty applications at low speed.

Daido Corporation of America - Conveyor Chain

Daido Corporation of America - Conveyor Chain
Conveyor/Attachment Chain Series:

Offering a broad product range in many sizes, Daido Corporation of America is one of the leading suppliers of both standard and specialty conveyor chains.

Daido’s Priority One Attachment Chain Program is our commitment to our customers to deliver a superior quality attachment chain in three days or less. Additionally, our internal set matched procedures empower us to complete and ship the matched set chains allowing for a few additional days. Available in both carbon and stainless steel, all standard and wide contour attachments are available in a wide range of sizes.

Daido’s 70 plus years of experience in delivering conveyor chains to North American industries also gives us the expertise to custom design and manufacture an attachment required for your application.

Straight Sidebar Chain

Standard Double Pitch Chain

Flexible (Side Bow) Chain

Top Roller Chain

Side Roller (Outboard Roller) Chain

Hollow Pin Chain

Attachment Chain

Daido Corporation of America - Agriculture Chain Series

Daido Corporation of America - Agriculture Chain Series!
Daido Industrial Agriculture Chains:

Daido Corporation’s reputation is not limited to the industrial power transmission chain market, but also established in the retail industry. We are committed to providing reliable and superior quality products, as well as friendly customer service. In order to meet the various and unique requirements required in the retail and farm industries, Daido offers two significant lines:

D.I.D. - The world class quality roller chains that provide additional insurance on the chain drive with the most superior material available and the most advanced quality control system.

TRU-PITCH - Daido’s roller chains and accessories which are offered at affordable prices.

Daido Corporation of America - Murtfeldt Guides & Tensioners

Daido Corporation of America - Murtfeldt Guides & Tensioners
Murtfeldt Guides & Tensioners

Daido Corporation is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Murtfeldt GmbH. This union means that Daido will supply Murtfeldt Guide and Tensioner products to markets in North America. Murtfeldt GmbH of Dortmund, Germany holds worldwide patents for custom plastic parts, fully automatic chain tensioners, a broad range of standard chain and belt guides, and slide profiles. They are the leading manufacturer and supplier in Europe.

Murtfeldt’s Chain & Belt Tensioners and Chain & Belt Guides are all produced with the patented Material “S”, a premium UHMW-PE fabrication properties that resist high abrasion and provide a low friction coefficient without the need for lubrication. These products significantly increase the life of the chain and belt drive by eliminating slack and vibration at reduced noise levels.