Elevator Motors-Crane Hoist Motors

Crane and Hoist motors, elevator motors and precision electric brakes by Reuland

Reuland has been in the power transmission industry for quite some time now starting in the 1930’s in Alhambra CA. Frank Reuland from an early age was intrigued with the inner workings of the electric motor. His pastime enjoyment in high school came from rebuilding, repairing and making the motors he worked on more efficient. Frank called upon his brother when the time came to open shop. Now Frank and his brother Howard really got to work. Howard, a very shrewd astute business managerial powerhouse, shared a 50/50 ratio matching that of Frank’s imaginative, creative genius in electrical engineering prowess of the business.
The synergistic duo took on ten more creative thinkers, passionate about the electric motor. Their prowess was later called upon by Lockheed Aircraft to create the motor driven P-38 dive bombers/interceptors outboard flaps. Add the genius of creating the propellants for dedicated torpedo sea going vessels powered by dual 50-caliber aero industry type turret drive motors to the mix, became a catalyst for industry specific, Reuland designed 1hp motors. 1500 units per month in sales opened the company’s expansion flood gates. As the orders piled in a new production plant was built, and now aluminum, and cast bell housings were in very high demand. Another facility would be needed. Thus the brothers accommodated their customers by with the new aluminum production plant.

By the early 1950’s the demand had grown to the point where an entirely new facility would be needed to supply the eastern regions. Motor purchases sky rocketed all over the USA, the new Howell, MI division was born.

We need more room! With 200 persons and equipment, the western Alhambra location was moved to the city of industry CA. In the early 70’s the next generation of the company directed by Noel Rueland, began its path of engineering soft-start controls, and fluid driven cushion drive couplings. This division became The Electronics Control Division. Springing forward to the end of 1978 a paper publication division was created to meet printing press industry demands. The California Arts and Graphics propelled forward into its own niche. The division was later sold in the mid 80’s. At the same time the Distribution Products Division was created to expand sales and marketing efforts. The division was dedicated to the sales of industry specific motors and their related systems. This in turn led to heavy R&D of more efficient, and technologically advanced motor designs. Reuland seemed to have kept their creative genius throughout the years, as the introduction of these more advanced applications were now being put to use in the industrial electric motors marketplace.

Leading the way, Reuland was creating some of the most advanced designs in the motor industry. Their technology spearheaded the manufacturing of efficient long life motors. These new generation motors came in: Liquid cooled motors, permanent magnet motors, high speed precision motors, inverter duty motors, partial duty motors, and the ever sought out for variable frequency drive systems to use in industrial grade electric motor control.

“If you can’t keep up with the tech, you’re going to be left with archaic thinking and ignorance is not bliss, it’s a miss”.

If you’re going to grow as a company, you are going to need the tools to make it efficient. Reuland has always been two steps ahead. The investment in a Reuland motor, system, and adjacent products is stepping into the future, a future where long life energy efficient products is name of the game. Boost your return on investment. Like the mechanic says “pay me now, or pay me later”, the choice is yours. Can you save money now on something that may last a year or two, then need repair or replacement, and at the same time raise your power consumption, and downtime? Not to mention maintenance fees, and lost production? Sure you can. Our question is simply, “Why”? If you reduce all the things mentioned won’t you save revenue, and will your customers continue to come to you for their power transmission needs? I think we all can agree on the answer here.

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