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Our principals offer energy efficient, long life, and technologically advanced solutions for the modern day power transmission and motion control industries and applications.


Daido Corporation of America. INDUSTRIAL ANSI STANDARD, METRIC, AND SPECIALTY CHAINS. By Daido Corporation of America#industriaManufacturerReps — RCS & Associates (@RcsDrivesDotCom) May 24, 2017

Elevator Motors-Crane Hoist Motors

Crane and Hoist motors, elevator motors and precision electric brakes by Reuland Reuland has been in the power transmission industry for quite some time now starting in the 1930’s in Alhambra CA. Frank Reuland from an early age was intrigued with the inner workings of the electric motor. His pastime enjoyment in high school came from rebuilding, repairing and making

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eagle sureconnect fenner drives new

Fenner Drives Eagle SureConnect New Update! Learn how you can eliminate welding and significantly reduce your installation time. Problem with welding belts: Properly welding a belt takes time – time for setup, joining, holding, and cooling. On average, this process takes 37 minutes to complete. Solution with welding belts: Fenner Drives Eagle SureConnect is made to length simply by twisting the threaded connector into

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PBC Linear StepServo MKU IOT Technology NEW!

PBC Linear StepServo Technology Pre Engineered Systems New Update! StepServo Closed Loop stepper technology (IOT) – Internet of Things PBC Linear Stages available with StepServo and IOT Technology PBC Linear is proud to introduce its latest technology! The PBC Linear StepServo Technology is designed and available for the infamous Simo Series>>>, the MKU Series>>>, and the Compact Series>>>. The StepServo

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Fenner Drives HVAC Climate Control Solutions

Fenner Drives Climate Control HVAC Fenner Drives PowerTwist Link Belting Does your HVAC system need an enhancement of durability, efficiency, and noise reduction? Boost your ROI with a Fenner Drives PowerTwist Linking Belt System for your HVAC application! Fenner Drives HVAC belting solutions are easy to install, and last longer than ordinary rubber type belts. Minimizing vibration the PowerTwist Link

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Ogura Clutch Parts | Ogura clutch distributor | Electromagnetic Clutch

Ogura Clutch Parts | ogura clutch distributor About Ogura Industrial Corporation | New Video! Click the Image below to visit Ogura Clutches’ YouTube Channel! This video is an in depth overview of Ogura Clutch Electromagnetic Clutch Video Overview RCS & Associates is proud to represent Ogura Clutch! Linkedin       Google +      Twitter    YouTube

PTO Clutches – Ogura Industrial Corp

PTO Clutches – Ogura Industrial Corp Ogura manufactures a wide range of electric clutches used as PTO clutches in riding mowers, zero turn mowers, commercial walk-behind mowers. Heavy duty Ogura PTO clutches provide extended life in demanding turf care machines such as estate mowers, commercial mowers, municipal lawn mowers and other grounds keeping machinery. Electric PTO clutches are recognized as

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Stober Drives MGS PSS Series Stainless Steel Planetary Helical Gear Reducer

Stober Drives MGS PSS Series Stainless Steel Planetary Helical Gear Reducer, Food and Beverage industry MARVEL. Stober Drives has done it again!, another power transmission Stober engineered Marvel for the food and beverage industry has been born! The Stober Drives, MGS PSS Series Stainless Steel Helical bevel Gear Reducer, is a masterpiece of elegant design, and a powerhouse inline gear

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Stober Drives K Series MGS Helical Bevel Reducer

Stober Drives MGS K Series Right Angle Helical Bevel Reducer The Stober Drives K Series gearbox, gear reducer, is more energy efficient than ordinary single stage worm gearbox, gear reducers. This efficiency is achieved  by the amalgamation of smaller motor and gear drives. The Stober Drives K Series gearbox, gear reducer, is more energy efficient than ordinary single stage worm gearbox, gear

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Stober Drives KL Right Angle Gearbox Gear Reducer

Stober Drives is the best because our people are the best Bernd Stober, former president of Stober Drives… Stober Drives’ gearing solutions, and applications for the power transmission industry are hands down the best engineered, and well made gearboxes, gear reducers in the industry. Stober Drives’ MGS KL series right angle helical bevel gearbox gear reducers, like all Stober Drives’

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