PowerTwistPlus V-Belt Cost Savings Fan Solution

Fenner Drives Performs a Case Study on Large Public Schools V-Belt Driven Rooftop Ventilation Fans.

The PowerTwistPlus V-Belt Ventilation Fan ROI:
PowerTwistPlus V-Belts are already well know in the belting industry for easily applied solutions to cost saving solutions. The PowerTwistPlus V-Belts have been officially Put to the test during this recent case study.

Fenner Drives Cost Savings PowerTwistPlus V-Belts Venilation Fans


Case Study Results conclusion:
RCS and Associates, Fenner Drives Representatives are getting the word out! A PowerTwistPlus V-Belts case study recently performed on ROI, and cost saving advantages using the PowerTwistPlus V-Belt Line are in!

  • The case study showed an annual total savings of $301,690.
  • Operational costs were reduced 66% using the PowerTwistPlus V-Belts
  • Labor induced maintenance during the case study showed a 99% decrease!
  • Additional energy efficiency was also conclusive.
  • PowerTwistPlus V-Belts operation lasted two years rather than two months!
  • PowerTwistPlus V-Belts offer less vibration, and operational noise reduction was the result.
  • Standard rubber V-belts were found unable to handle the demands of hi heat, and environmental operation.
  • Standard V-Belts were hard to find, as each unit measured had a different V-Belt length requirement, this induced downtime, replacements costs, and needing to stock correct sized belts

PowerTwistPlus V-Belts were the obvious Solution!

  • The PowerTwistPlus line of V-Belts used during this case study found this Fenner Drives Line of V-Belts were resistant to high heat, outdoor environments, and long life.
  • The time required to install the PowerTwistPlus V-Belts we brought down by 50%.
  • PowerTwistPlus V-Belts can be put to use without having to find the right length V-Belt in emergency situations.  Peace of mind has immense value!

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The Added Value of the PowerTwistPlus V-Belts by Fenner Drives

PowerTwistPlus V-Belts Cost Saving Case Study Results

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