Daily Archives: February 27, 2016

Stober Drives KL Right Angle Gearbox Gear Reducer

Stober Drives is the best because our people are the best Bernd Stober, former president of Stober Drives… Stober Drives’ gearing solutions, and applications for the power transmission industry are hands down the best engineered, and well made gearboxes, gear reducers in the industry. Stober Drives’ MGS KL series right angle helical bevel gearbox gear reducers, like all Stober Drives’

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PTRA the official Power Motion Technology Representatives Association

PTRA RCS & Associates is a Florida manufacturer representative firm, & a proud member of PTRA What is PTRA? PTRA or (Power-Motion Technology Representatives Association) is a Not For Profit organization that provides members education, and training to further the career of the representatives using a variety of tools, and allowing their members to build networks with other representatives and

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