Stober Drives KL Right Angle Gearbox Gear Reducer

KL Series – Right Angle Helical Bevel - Food and Beverage

Stober Drives is the best because our people are the best
Bernd Stober, former president of Stober Drives…

Stober Drives’ gearing solutions, and applications for the power transmission industry are hands down the best engineered, and well made gearboxes, gear reducers in the industry.

Stober Drives’ MGS KL series right angle helical bevel gearbox gear reducers, like all Stober Drives’ products are engineered in Germany, and built in the USA.

The KL series Stober gearbox gear reducer would be a performer in your food and bottling plants, and as it is one of our energy efficient products, you will see a nice return on your investment.

The KL unit is stacked with features. These gearboxes are amazingly robust, efficient, and require less working space than the average gearbox with similar specifications.
Don’t let their small footprint fool you! The KL gearbox provides 443 (in. lbs) of torque, up to 2 horse power, and can produce output speeds of 4.5 to 437 (rpm).
While the KL unit has impressive specifications, it also comes with Stober Drives’ 3 year warranty, and standard delivery time of 3 days. These units are built under the standards of the ISO 9000 principles.

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