RCS & Associates Celebrates National Engineers Week!

RCS & Associates Celebrates Engineers Week 2016!


In 1951, NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers) was founded. Engineering Week (February 21–27, 2016) is devoted to ensuring a diverse and educated engineering workforce for the future by increasing understanding of and interest in technology and engineering careers.

Engineering Week is a formal coalition of more than 70 engineering, cultural societies and educational groups with more than 50 corporations and government agencies. It’s goal is dedicated to raising public awareness of engineers’ contributions to various lifestyle and business initiatives. It encourages recognition among educational institutes, parents  and students about  the importance of technical education,  high level of math, science, and technology mastery, for youths to devote their lives to  engineering careers, providing a diverse and dynamic engineering workforce.

– See more at: NSPE.org

RCS & Associates has a single objective: Service the client by finding the best engineering solution for their application the first time. Research and development is key

in the power transmission and motion control industries in working with engineers to find various solutions to their industry applications. These include:
·  Forest products
·  Distribution/conveying
·  Food & beverage
·  Amusement parks
·  NASA/defense contractors
·  Packaging machinery
·  Aggregate/Sand/Cement
·  Phosphate/fertilizer
·  Ports/marine industry
·  Roofing tile/tile plants
·  Manufacturing
·  Robotics

Where technology and engineering solutions is vital in a multitude of industrial applications, at the forefront of this success is engineering development.

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