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Stober Drives Gear boxes, Gear Reducers, and helical bevel gear reducers

Stober Drives MGS gearbox, and gear reducer gearing products are AGMA-12 certified, 96% to 98% efficient. They are of the highest quality stainless steel, do not require oil changes, and come standard PM sealed for life. These gearbox gear reducers offer C type faces so you can select the motor solution that best meets the demand of your application. Theses Stober Drives gearbox gear reducers come with a 3 year warranty, and the industries best one day shipping from the time your order’s receipt is processed.

K Series – Right Angle Helical/Bevel MGS Speed Reducers

Stober Drives K Series right angle helical bevel MGS speed reducer gearbox offer consistent high efficiency over conventional single-worm gear drives. This added efficiency reduces your costs by using a smaller gear drive and motor size. These gear drives offer noticeable energy savings in a short amount of time. Industries include: automotive, manufacturing, food and beverage, building materials, conversion, material handling, plastics and composites, textiles and carpet.

F Series - Offset Helical MGS Speed Reducers

Stober Drives F Series offset helical MGS speed reducer gearbox provides a small footprint, and flexibility makes this gear drive a popular choice for applications that require high performance, efficiency, and durability. The Stober F series gear drive offers a wide range of exact ratios and output speeds to eliminate the need for expensive and maintenance prone external input drives. The compact package of the F series gear box reduces product installation costs, and provides years of maintenance free service. Industries include: automotive manufacturing, building materials, material handling, textile and carpet.

C Series – Inline Concentric/Helical MGS Speed Reducers

Stober Drives C Series inline concentric helical MGS speed reducer gearbox offers you superior performance, durability, for a variety of industrial applications. Stober Drives C Series inline concentric helical MGS speed reducer gearbox is a high efficiency helical gearbox gear reducer that keeps motor size to a minimum and runs with almost total silence due to it’s superior engineering. The superior engineering Stober Drives has acquired makes them The Gold Standard in the gearing industry. Covering a multitude of industries albeit, automotive, manufacturing, building materials, conversions, material handling, packaging, textile and carpet.

S Series – Right Angle Helical/Worm MGS Speed Reducers

Stober Drives S Series right angle helical worm MGS speed reducer gearbox is a robust gear reducer having the versatility for a wide array of applications. These “Stober tough” gearboxes are the perfect solution for the automotive, material handling and industrial manufacturing markets. The Stober Drives S series MGS helical before worm gearing speed reducers offer double the efficiency of conventional two stage worm gearbox gear reducers. This is accomplished by Stober Drives’ superior engineering in gearbox, gearing technologies. Twice the efficiency of conventional gearbox gear reducers, sound reducing smooth and stable operation, and built to last.

KSS Series – Stainless Steel Right Angle Helical/Bevel – Food/Beverage

Stober Drives KSS Series stainless steel right angle helical bevel gear reducer gearbox are food and beverage industry grade gearboxes. They are robust stainless steel housing gearboxes that sport the IP69K Certification, making the Stober Drives’ KSS gearbox the solution for harsh environments of the food and beverage industry. With the stober Drives KSS gear reducer options of double sided, wobble-free, stainless steel bushing system, and optional expanded bore diameters, this gearbox was designed to withstand brutal washdowns situations.

F Series – Offset/Helical – Food/Beverage

Stober Drives F series offset helical food and Beverage gearbox gear reducer is the ideal solution for harsh environments of industrial food and beverage applications. So if your application requires high performance and durability in these harsh environments, than this is the gearbox for you! The Stober Drives F series gearbox gear reducer is quite even operating at full capacities, and requires less energy than typical gearboxes. Like all Stober Drives products, tight tolerances inside Stober Drives’ gearing solutions cause less friction reducing both noise and heat; Therefore, allowing the Stober Drives gearing solutions to consume less energy. This also increases productivity, while reducing your power expenditures and expensive downtime costs; can you say ROI!? The Stober Drives F Series offset helical food and beverage grade gearbox gear reducers cover the food and beverage, processing, and material handling industries.

K Series – Right Angle Helical/Bevel – Food/Beverage

Stober Drives K Series helical bevel MGS food and beverage duty gearbox gear reducer has Stober Drives’ patented double sided wobble-free bushing design mounted into a stainless steel quill. This Stober Drives exclusive design allows the Stober Drives F Series gearbox gear reducer to mount on shafts from either side of the gear reducer. These dual tapered bushing cones will out-perform, and outlast a vast array of tolerances found in conventional shaft designs and materials. The Stober Drives K Series output covers provide lasting protection of the unit’s seals in high pressure washing situations. The Stober Drives K Series unit inside cover’s split design allows for time saving simple installation. As you can see, Stober Drives’ ingenuity and fore-thought in their engineering research and development cover all the bases needed for a superior “Gold Standard” design. Each Stober Drive unit case size can be provided with a variety of bushing bore sizes, making their MGS line versatile and client friendly. The bore size in the unit can be changed any time during the life of the unit simply by changing the bushing kit.

C Series – Concentric/Helical – Food/Beverage

Stober Drives C Series concentric helical MGS food and beverage duty gearbox gear reducer is a Stober Drive Gold Standard example of a high quality and, a reliable solution for any extreme washdown environment. Stober Drives’ C Series gearbox gear reducer is another example of a cost saving high quality, energy efficient and maintenance free product. The Stober Drives C Series gearbox gear reducer is an extremely quite running unit that is built to last. This gearbox gear reducer is a reflection of Stober Drives engineering ideology.

PSS Series – Planetary Helical Food/Beverage MGS Speed Reducers

Stober Drives’ PSS reducer is an inline stainless steel manufacturing sensation! The Stober Drives’ PSS comes standard with a stainless steel housing, and an IP69K certification. The PSS is engineered to withstand the harshest of washdowns, and extreme output torque rating of up to 3,894 in. lbs! Yes you can say WOW now! Selecting the Stober Drives’ industry marvel PSS planetary reducer assembly, you are guaranteed exact alignment, and minimal friction causing wear.

KL Series – Right Angle Helical/Bevel - Food and Beverage

Stober Drives KL Series right angle helical bevel gearbox gear reducer features Stober Drives’ amazing three year warranty, one-piece cast iron housing, and maintenance free operational performance. Stober Drives KL Series right angle helical bevel gearbox gear reducer is also available with a hollow output, and solid shaft to further it’s industry diversity. Stober Drives KL Series right angle helical bevel gearbox gear reducer comes standardly equipped with Stober Drives patented double sided wobble free bushings, and is the ideal choice for metal detectors, food packaging, and is the perfect solution for filling bottles in a food and beverage manufacturing plant.

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