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Stober Gearbox Oil | Stober Gearbox Manual | Stober Drives Power Transmission | MGS | NEMA

As a Stober Drive MGS Gearbox, and Gear Reducer representative, we get many questions, and we are here to help answer them.

Did you know the Stober MGS Gearbox gear reducers are leakage free? They come pre-oiled with mobil grade food oil from the factory! The Stober Drive MGS line of gear boxes come with a “maintenance-free and long life design“. I guess that just about covers it. No No No! It doesn’t, there’s much more! The Stober Drive MGS line comes with magnetic drain plugs that collect the internal particles during the life of the gearbox gear reducer. The internal gears are supported by two bearings in a rigid one piece housing. Bearings are supplied by the best bearing manufacturer on the market (SKF). These reducers also include heavy duty Sirmrit Seals. Backlash? Don’t worry, because of superior engineering of these gearing reducers, low backlash is in the top priority build checklist. I should know, I’ve personally built a few of these myself! There is a very rigid step by step process involved, and multiple quality assurance tests are performed in every step of the build process, and then the units themselves are rigorously tested before shipping.

More Q&A of: “Who”, “What”, “When”, “Where”, “Why”, and “How” of Stober Drive as a company.

Let us begin our post by answering the question of “Who” Stober Drive is.

In our vast experience with Stober Drive and its people, we would like to quote The former owner and CEO Bernd Stober:

Our products are the best because our people are the best

Watch the video and find out why Stober Drive “IS” the very best Gearbox Gear Reducer Manufacturer


Now that you know “WHO” Stober Drive is let’s get to the “What”

The “WHAT” is the Stober Drive MGS NEMA Gearboxes, and Gear Reducers.

High quality, same day shipping and energy efficiency.

Stober Drives Offers Same Day Shipping

Same Day Shipping to keep you up and running!

The Stober Drives MGS Gearbox, and Gear Reducers are German Engineered, and made in the United States. Stober Drives is a worldwide, world class manufacturer offering same day delivery keeping your industrial application up and running. This simple fact allows you to save on costly downtime, and annual energy expenditures. A Stober Drives MGS NEMA solution is 96% to 98% more efficient. This is due to the precision of engineering prowess within frictional surface clearance, and NEMA face motor mounting options. This allows for much smaller and energy efficient motors to be used that perform at higher levels using less power. Smaller motor sizes, over all smaller gearbox gear reducer footprints, and high quality gears, oil, and quality control is simply Stober Drives FACT.

Stober Drives Gearbox Gear Reducer Durability standing the tests of time.

Stober Drives Offer a 5 year warranty on the majority of their product offerings!

5 Year Warranties! Now that says A-LOT!

Stober Drives Gearbox and Gear Reducers, running fast and built to last!  Stober Drives standard 3 year warranty says so much, however an optional 5 year warranty!?  Ok, I retract my previous statement!  That says BEST IN CLASS INDUSTRY STANDARD! Even as I write this I have to sit back in awe. Knowing of a of a product that is run on a consistent 24 hours per day and 7 seven days per week, 365 days a year would make any technology specialist scratch that high IQ head of their’s. But what about the price!? Hey great question, my honest answer “What about it?” Seriously, how much money are you going to save by not having to replace a gearbox every two months that uses old out dated motor technology, and is twice the size requiring massive amounts of time and pocket draining maintenance fees! Not to mention energy costs. As you can see the list goes on and on and on like the song that never ends.  What I am describing here is your ROI ladies and gentlemen. Your return on investment! What is your bottom line and total cost of ownership? Take a look at the diagram a picture is worth a thousand words, then I will show you a video worth a million.

Stober Drives Gearbox Gear Reducer MGS NEMA Total cost of ownership.

Total cost of ownership. Why throw money out in the streets when you can keep it in your pockets?

Checkout this brutal washdown video of a STOBER Stainless Steel Gearbox

Worth a million words, I think so! Begin the BEAT DOWN!

Now that you know “WHAT” let’s get to the “WHEN!”

The “WHEN” is the Stober Drives MGS NEMA Gearbox, and Gear Reducers. History

80 years of experience in Gearing solutions, design, development, and quality.

80 years of engineering marvels!

From generation to generation Stober Drives improves by keeping their family, and customer orientation philosophies.

The Stober Drives philosophy on customers, and family orientation are past down generation after generation.

Their philosophy of being the best “not the biggest” with ethical values, makes Stober Drives the name to trust in the power transmission industry. The Stober team is consistently in (R&D) to better their products, and keeping up, even surpassing the technology advancements of the industry today. When you order a gearbox gear reducer from Stober Drives, you are the proud owner of a piece of industrial history. With 24/7 service support, you can count on Stober Drives to be there for you every step of the way.

Now that you know “WHEN” let’s get to the “WHERE!”

The “WHERE” is the Stober Drives Global ISO Certified facilities.

German Engineered, and made throughout Europe, and the USA

80 years of engineering marvels!

From generation to generation Stober Drives improves by keeping their family, and customer orientation philosophies.

The Stober Drives manufacturing facilities span throughout Europe and the USA

The Stober Drive facility in the USA is an ISO certified ever growing industry powerhouse. Personally knowing their team of engineers, assemblers and service and support staff, I can testify
to the quality and cleanliness of the facility itself. They are all like family and build world class, best in class gearing solutions. German engineering is the backbone of the Stober Drive products. Stober products are built with pride, shipped out on time, and best of all, they treat you like family.

The “How” is simple. These Stober videos show you the process of staging your Stober Drives MGS Gearbox step by step.

Here is Stober Drives NEMA, and MGS Literature

Industrial (NEMA)

Stober Drives Industrial (NEMA) Catalog

Stober Drives ComTrac Catalog

Stober Drives MGS Catalog
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