Fenner Drives

Fenner Drives

Fenner Drives is an ISO 9001 certified provider of engineered solutions, as well as a manufacturer and distributor of power transmission products, motion transfer, conveying applications and 3D printing. The engineering community all over the world and for over 100 years, has relied on Fenner Drives for value-added and refined reliable components with performance critical applications. Fenner PLC., also provides a cost analysis value proposition where they will assess your competing product costs, installation time, downtime cost and production costs to assist you achieving your business ROI objectives.

B-LOC© Keyless Locking Devices

The B-LOC© brand provides world class quality, engineering superiority, and unparalleled customer support. Fenner Drives B-LOC Keyless Locking Devices deliver a high capacity, zero-backlash shaft-to-hub assembly using a simplistic wedging principle. Axial force is applied when a series of annular screws are used to engage circular steel rings, and mating tapers. As a result: A wedge action causes radial force on the tapered rings, one of which constricts and squeezes the shaft while the other expands to compress into the component’s bore.

Trantorque© Keyless Locking Devices

Fenner Drives Trantorque offers a full line up of gears, cams, timing belt sprockets, conveyor rollers, climate controling fan hubs, and grinding wheels. The vast range of Trantorque Keyless Locking Devices are available with options to mount and adjust position sensitive for zero backlash drive components and accessories.

PowerTwist Plus© V-Belt Technologies

PowerTwist Plus is the everyday power transmission industry workhorse for a variety applications. Perfectly suited for the Z/10, 3L, A/13, B/17, and C/22 drives. The PowerTwist Plus© design allows for installation on existing pulleys without adjustments to your current application. Minimise your downtime without the use of tools, and installs in minutes without disassembly. If you have an application where static electricity is a concern, PowerTwist Plus© Antistatic is the right choice. The benefits of standard PowerTwist Plus© and have the best antistatic properties of any V-belt in the industry.

SuperTLink© Wedge Belt Technologies

The design of the SuperTLink© is similar to the PowerTwist Plus© V-Belts. the SuperTLink© Wedge Belts are engineered specifically as replacements for the SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, 3V, and 5V cross sections. With industrial standard power ratings, This Wedge Belt is a heavy duty workhorse. These belts are built for those extreme shock load applications that require multi-belt drives.

NuTLink© Heavy Duty V-Belt Technologies

If your power transmission drives need more V-Belt muscle, the NuTLink© V-Belts are designed for heavier loaded applications, including reciprocating engine powered drives. The NuTLink© V-Belts are the strongest uprade replacement for classical V-belts up to C/22 cross section. The V-Belt’s design allows for ease of installment, even on inaccessible drives. These stronger V-Belts can be joined around the shafts without disassembly of the drive system. There is no-longer the need to stock different sized belts. The NuTlink© can be made to length on site simply by adding or removing links.

NeoLink© V-Belt Technologies

Using Fenner Drives traditional chloroprene (Neoprene) reinforced material; The NeoLink© is well equipped with the operational benefits of Fenner’s original Veelos link belt. The additional advantages of the T-profile connecting stud, makes for easy on site belt assembly and adjustment. The conventional installation base of Swiss screw machine systems world round, remains extensive. Fenner’s solution to this over the last 30 years in link construction of V-belts remain the ideal solution for efficiency in machine operation, uptime, and consistently finish part quality makes the NeoLink© the solution you have been searching for.

PowerMax™ Pullies and Idlers

The PowerMax™ line of idler & drive pulleys, and sprockets are constructed with a superior composite design made for years of successful service. They are engineered for high-speed idler applications on conveyors, packaging equipment, lawn and garden equipment, HVAC units, fitness equipment, floor cleaning machines, and in many other power transmission and conveying applications.

Eagle© Polyurethane Belting

Being the world leader in belting, Fenner Drives provides Eagle Polyurethane Belting, and O-Rings with unparalleled customer service. From light, medium, or heavy duty conveying, and custom profiles. Fenner Drives has the solution for your application. With a wide array of non-reinforced and reinforced polyurethane belting, non-reinforced quick-connect belting, polyester belting, reinforced can cable, co-extruded belting, and SuperGrip Top belting; If you need it, we will supply it!

Fenner Drives Urethane Welders

Effective belt welding is critical to achieve absolute product performance, and it is essencial to minimise downtime. Fenner Drives high quality Eagle Welding Kits are the solution for this important job.

Trackstar© UHMW Chain and Belt Guides

Attack friction to reduce costs with lengthy wear and tear using Trackstar UHMW Belt and Chain Guides. These guides are available and in stock. Fenner Drives offers the widest range of standard profiles in the industry for guiding belts, chains, and cables. Also available are standard crowned and flat versions designed for use in guide rail systems.

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